Carrot Oatmeal


Finally! (drumroll) Carrot Oatmeal soap! Theres something about this soap that just makes me feel like curling up in a blanket

after a nice hot bath on an autumn rainy day. ^_^

Rosey Posey


So fresh! Perfect after a rose bath? Soap by: Essential Relaxation, Label by: Studio Gourami

Mellow Yellow


Lemon+Lemongrass handmade organic soap by Essential Relaxation with wraparound labels designed by: Studio Gourami!

Sweet Soaps <3


What can I say? The most adorable little soaps ever-  cute enough to eat! Designed by: Studio Gourami, for: Essential Relaxation.

IMG_4637 IMG_4614




Hempermint wraparound soap label designed by: Studio Gourami, for: Essential Relaxation. Check it out in the portfolio!

It can also be seen on:

Hemp Shampoo


Finally sharing some of the new portfolio pictures I took a few months ago for the new up and coming Studio Gourami Website.

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