Make-up Adventures

Make-up- whaaat? Being in Hong Kong and all, I have FINALLY started to TRY putting on make-up, on myself and by myself. Luckily I got some 101 from my beautician cousin Mohana, she gave me a basics of the basics tutorial yesterday so I tried doing it on my own this morning.

So far, on my own face, I like the look of minimal make-up. I’m very careful to not look like a clown! LOL. Anyway so my fave look out of what I’ve ever tried is:

1. subtle blush

2. natural lipstick

3. mascara (yay! I have eyelashes!), and

4. eyeliner to add that “edge”- far from gothic not to worry, it just makes me look more mature. Though, if you still look closely, the baby will always be there!

This “look” has inspired me to want to colour my hair an ashy darker colour. I’m having a lot of fun with make-up! It’s a new world to me and I see it as another great form of art. It’s like using your own face as a canvas to convey a certain emotion, fantasy, story , character etc. and I do think its a necessary thing to know for those times when you might need it.

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