Piggiest of all!

(evil laugh) The spookiest day of the year is coming! Halloween- a great opportunity to be creative with fashion and making kids happy by giving out free candies!

I had a few costume ideas and decided to go for the most famous celebrity with a snout and a curly tail- Miss Piggy from the Muppets. Keeping it cheap by using existing clothes from my own wardrobe, a blonde wig, fake eyelashes and some porcine accessories (gotta have the ears and the nose!). Might add in some gloves and a feathery scarf depending on which outfit I’ll choose. Here are the options for my halloween ensemble (oink oink):

One of my fave. Tho the dress shrunk in the wash, it still fits except it’s gotten really short! I just couldn’t resist styling it and posting it up.

Won’t be able to pull the scarf and the gloves with this one. But its still very piggy!

Almost like an evening outfit. After looking at it now tho, i think a clutch purse would look better.

A bit young for Miss Piggy, but the gloves and the scarf might make it fine. Anyway its just too cute!


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