Hempermint wraparound soap label designed by: Studio Gourami, for: Essential Relaxation. Check it out in the portfolio!

It can also be seen on: http://www.essentialrelaxation.ca


Hemp Shampoo


Finally sharing some of the new portfolio pictures I took a few months ago for the new up and coming Studio Gourami Website.

Behind the Photographs

I have been working on taking some nice photographs for my upcoming all-new Gourami Studio portfolio website! yay!


Me taking a break from shooting fooling around with Chocolate soap. It looks like a real block of baking chocolate!


Lovely handmade organic soaps by Essential Relaxation wrapped in Studio Gourami design. ^_^ It sure is hard to keep these soaps untouched because I really can’t wait to use them! They are so pretty and special. >_< It is products like these that inspire me to create!

Starfish Pie

Starfish pie??? No, not a pie stuffed with starfish! It’s an apple pie with a starry touch.


Great for beach picnics!



I see staaarrrrss!!!!


Photos from Bee-chan again.



Crescent Rolls

Baked a ridiculous amount of vegan crescent rolls! (well not entirely vegan, I forgot about that and brushed the tops with butter. Oops!)

IMG_3559 IMG_3568 IMG_3571

Then I went into the room and found a batch more sitting on the table! LOL. I guess soup is on for the next few days!


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