Starfish Pie

Starfish pie??? No, not a pie stuffed with starfish! It’s an apple pie with a starry touch. Great for beach picnics! I see staaarrrrss!!!! Photos from Bee-chan again.    

Post-Valentine Post

Happy Valentine’s Day! A great time to grab those oven mits and bake some sweets for the Sweetie-Pies of your life. ❤ So I’ve posted some pictures of today’s cake made with love. Yummm! Crusty almond goodness with strawberries and cream! ^_^

Tropical Cake

Ok it’s not REALLY called Tropical Cake but it is certainly a summery desert. Its a lemon poppy seed cake with lemon custard in the middle frosted with whipped cream and garnished with grated coconut and lime slices- my experiment that turned out successful! Yay!