Starfish Pie

Starfish pie??? No, not a pie stuffed with starfish! It’s an apple pie with a starry touch. Great for beach picnics! I see staaarrrrss!!!! Photos from Bee-chan again.    

Black Forest Cake

Made some dessert for a dinner gathering at my mom’s. ^_^ Black Forest Cake There’s that missing piece! This ghost wants a slice! Dramatic shot! Thank you Bee-chan for taking these lovely photos.

Post-Valentine Post

Happy Valentine’s Day! A great time to grab those oven mits and bake some sweets for the Sweetie-Pies of your life. ❤ So I’ve posted some pictures of today’s cake made with love. Yummm! Crusty almond goodness with strawberries and cream! ^_^

Japchae Day

Spent the morning making some vegetarian Japchae (korean food). Slithery gangmyeon glass noodles stir-fried with vegetables, tofu and shittake mushroom in sesame oil and soya sauce. It was the perfect dish to clear my veggie-filled fridge!  ^_^  


Ok, there are only 4 in the picture below, but I made 5. Dont worry Ican count! 😀 Perfect dessert for the cold weather.   Oh so flaky crust!  Pretty pie for a white flour. 😛 LOL!  Smile and eat pie. 😛

What’s for lunch?

Veggie Pies and Tomato Celery Soup!  Gana spill my beans on the layers now: 1) a flaky “buttery” crust, 2) broccoli and red bell pepper, 3) a heart bechamel sauce and finally, saving the best for last 4) browned cheese sprinkled with dry basil. My experiment of the day! As usual, Bee-chan took the photos. ❤ […]