Theater Clouds

Paper art, photography, viola! Enter Theatre Clouds- enchanting and outstanding. The work of Elly Mackay speaks for itself. You can check out some more of her beautiful prints here:

Eye Poetry Photography

Feel the magic in the works of one of my favourite fine-art photographers, Irene Suchocki- the artist behind Eye Poetry Photography: You can get some of her fantastic prints as Christmas cards in her Etsy shop: My fave picture from her. I love the mood and setting! Classic shot of hot air balloons in Paris!

Layne Del Pilar

I just came along with my photographer sis Bee-chan on a fashion photo shoot and took a few shots myself. 😀 Here are some of them:The model is Layne Del Pilar. She is modelling for a competition by “Red Girl” a Philippine Teen Clothing Brand.Close-up :). By the way Bee-chan did ALL the retouching. I […]


Another treasure discovered from Etsy- UnPetiteMonde “A Small World”- photography by Kurt Moses and his wife Elwige. Didn’t I mention I have a weakness for miniatures? I love the creative exploration in all their work and its amazing how they manage to capture those lovely colours with only natural light in real world environments!

Mango eating, The beach and Mango eating

Just came back from the province of Guimaras- known for its mangoes (like the best EVER!) and tucked nicely behind Iloilo. A 30-45 minute jeep drive from Jaro to Ortiz (where the port is). Then a 12 peso bangka ride across a barrier of sea to the land of Mangoes! Hoooray! Pics of Ninja and […]